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2016 Winner - Premier's Regional Recognition Award

Bendigo Sustainability Group

Bendigo Sustainability Group

The Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) brings together people with a shared interest in sustainable living, solar power, sustainable food and gardening, community education, energy efficiency and sustainability policy development from across the region. In recent years, the BSG has undertaken a more commercial-orientated process by setting up a project management group to manage community solar projects.

Work has included the 20kWh solar panel installation on the Bendigo Library which BSG successfully organised through crowd funding and the BSG Energy Efficiency Program delivering over 50 sessions to low income and disadvantaged groups to explain energy efficiency and how to use the ‘switched on’ online program. BSG provides information to the community on installing solar PV and runs a sustainable house day – bringing together community, architects, designers and builders to discuss sustainable homes. BSG on-sold its intellectual property for the community solar program to two other community organisations, sharing its learnings and knowledge with other communities.

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