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2018 Winner - Innovative Products or Services

Yume Food

Build a Marketplace Exclusively for Surplus Food to Reduce Food Waste

Yume Food is a new online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers of surplus food. As such, it reduces wastage and landfill impacts while providing a wide variety of discounted food products to consumers.

Suppliers often have surplus food for a variety of reasons including cancelled orders or lack of storage space leaving many producers, wholesalers and distributors, with the problem of how to re-sell it. By listing the surplus food products on the Yume platform, a large and growing network of potential buyers can be reached.

Buyers also benefit from the availability of a wide variety of products at discounted prices that are sold at a minimum of 20 per cent below regular wholesale prices. Once a sale is made through a seamless transaction between the buyer and supplier, Yume helps to arrange the delivery of goods and remaining unsold food can then be donated to a food rescue organisation.

The Yume business model ensures that all good food is enjoyed, which is better for the consumer's pocket, for the planet and for the people that inhabit it.

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